Bytemobile Marketing Site

Although Bytemobile’s products and services are aimed at network operators such as Sprint, AT&T, Vodaphone, etc., they wanted a new marketing site to communicate in terms of the ultimate end users, the network subscribers.

Bytemobile home page

lower-level masthead detail

Lower-level masthead detail

Lower level page

Lower level page

The Challenge:

To break free of the dry, small technology company web site formula and appeal to their customers (network operators) in the language of the end user (network subscribers). Small technology companies typically have an earnest approach to presenting their uniqueness and typically don't appeal to emotions, present an attitude, or take a position.

The new look, tone, and feel goes beyond the technological value proposition and introduces excitement and emotion – the social benefits of mobile communications. The goal is to appeal to senior network operator executives beyond IT. Because it’s not really just about optimization anymore.

*Project general contractor: PerceptivePath Studio.


  • Creative direction
  • Site design
  • Graphic design