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National Podcasting System is pioneering the use of commercial podcasts as the new “go-to” medium for everything from advertising to news to customer service. Veterans of advertising and broadcast news, they provide a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional media.

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The Challenge:

Introduce the concept of podcasting as the answer to the declining effectiveness and rising cost of traditional media. Prove the concept with sample podcasts and a top-notch client list. Sell the concept with business-case examples and client testimonials. And finally, position National Podcasting System as the tier-one provider of commercial podcasting.

Because podcasting as a commercial news, advertising, and communication medium is fairly new, the site has to speak to the prospect on many levels. The home page provides starting points for all of the questions that need answering so that prospects need not dig to find relevant info. The site supports potential clients with information that provides context, process details, applications, and much more.

*Project general contractor: PerceptivePath Studio.


  • Creative direction
  • Message Strategy
  • Site design
  • Graphic design